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  1. In the fields of municipal construction, environmental beautification and construction & decoration Lamp reflecting plate, special flowerpot for living room, square, yard, crossroads, indoors suspended ceiling, sculpture   
  2. In the fields of chemistry and corrosion resistance stock tank, corrosion-resisting inner lining
  3. In the fields of traffic, transportation and energy resource hell of microbus, vehicles streamlined dome , rear cover of carriage plate, shell of tourist, crash-proof tube, hard shoulder, road sign, lamp holder, manhole lid, vane of blower fan   
  4. In the field of machinery FRP forming mold, injection mold, foaming and forming mold, punching mold   
  5. In the field of electron Vehicles-carried monitors case   
  6. In the fields of weather and hydrology Water evaporator, thermometer screen
  7. In the fields of medical treatment and sports Emergency treatment table, baby warming case, incubator, stimulator, aviation matrix   
  8. In the fields of aviation, spaceflight, national defense, military industry Aviation alarming ball, visibility instrument tower body, grounding effects wing ship, target case

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