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Shanghai machinery-China co., ltd--The China sourcing company is specialized in supplying industrial product including Design, Assembly, Quality control,for large range of Industry.

we have many domestic cooperative enterprises that all with ISO quality system to ensure sufficient supply of a variety of products.

Your company successfully doing business in the domestic market for many years, but being limited when it comes to knowing and understanding the Chinese factorys' mentality, and way of doing business. It is just our China specialist sourcing company will offer your company good communication, analysis your needs, vendor qualification, price negotiation,terms of payment, terms of shipment to increase incredibly your margins.

We have created a unique buying environment where fabricating small quantities, with fast turnaround, at competitive prices, is an everyday occurrence 每 a trait not common in today's manufacturing world.

The management of Shanghai machinery-china believes that our customers have the right to a high quality product, a reasonable guarantee, and an honest and friendly service staff. With this philosophy in mind, Shanghai machinery-China mission is to provide reliable, innovative engineered products and engineering services to industry with a skilled team of employees that are dedicated to our customers' needs.



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